Your key to higher returns. Refine direct with Heraeus Kulzer.

About Us

Heraeus Scrap Refining is one of the leading dental alloy refiners in North America with over 50 years' experience. We provide the most accurate, efficient assays in the business. Countless laboratories and dental offices have trusted Heraeus to provide exceptional service and unsurpassed integrity.

Heraeus Scrap Refining guarantees fair market value for your precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium and silver). Settlement is based on the London PM prices on the day of assay valuation. You can be paid in either gold and silver investment coins or with a check in the mail. This is the most cost-effective way to recycle your investment in precious metal alloy.

Why should you cash in your scrap on a regular basis?


Scrap is unaccountable. Regular, frequent shipments allow you to keep track of your assets


Precious scrap is not liquid until you cash it in. Raw scrap collects dust, not interest


Scrap stashes are not insured. Insurance companies will not reimburse in the event of fire or theft


Scrap Refining Terms

Fees are as follows:

Gold - 10%

Silver - 15%

Platinum - 10%

Palladium - 10%

  • If Palladium price is lower than $300.00 an ounce, a flat fee of

$30.00 per ounce will be charged

  • No assay charges
  • No treatment charges
  • No freight charges
  • No weight charges
  • No accountability charges
  • No minimum lot charges for low grade lots

The average turnaround time is: 7 - 10 days for solids, and 10 - 14 days for

grindings & sweeps


Payment is based on the London PM fixed price on the day of assay valuation,

minus the associated fees with refining.


A full Assay report will be provided with each payment. We offer free UPS pick

up as well as packaging for your scrap. Payments can be made by check, coins,

or wire transfer. In addition all scrap records are kept for the 7 years, as required

by law.


For more information, please contact Tony Circelli at:

1-800-431-1785 Ext 5502

Direct Line: 574-299-5502



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